Joe Budden Is Selling “Fu*k Joe Budden” Shirts On His Website

Joe Budden seems to be the elder voice in Hip-Hop that the younger generation of Hip-Hoppers seem to despise. No one will ever be able to forget that priceless moment that took place during the Migos and Joe Budden interview. Just a couple of weeks ago Lil Yachty appeared on stage in Toronto with a “Fu*k Joe Budden” hoodie with the crowd chanting the same sediment.

Instead of a diss record response Joe Budden uses the momentum to fatten his pockets. Joe Budden is selling “Fu*k Joe Budden apparel on his official website . The “Fu*k Joe Budden” appeal comes in a black and white t-shirt as well as a grey and black t-shirt. It also comes in a black and white hoodie. T-shirts are $30 and hoodies are $50.

This will be interesting to see how much Joe Budden can make off of this apparel line.