All The Players Came: From Confederate Flags To Trump’s White Man’s Burden Swag

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In another millennium, 1994 to be exact, critical acclaimed hip-hop duo Outkast explored the zones and avenues of the then burgeoning Atlanta streets on their groundbreaking debut Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. The album touched on the angst and poignant perspectives of two young inner city Atlanta bred youth. That perspective, much like the group’s style, provided a yin and a yang which while “Claimin’ True” and screaming “Hootie Hoo” satisfied the aesthetics of one crowd while the political fury and of tracks like “D.E.E.P” and “Git Up’ Get Out” provided an early offering of Soul Food that partners in rhyme Goodie Mob would be serving up a year later.

In a seminal and classic album littered with highlights and telling moments, the most profound of them all might be an interlude; The Welcome To Atlanta Interlude that reminds you that Capital building of Atlanta, (which for many millions represents the capital of the South itself), in 1994 at the release of the album still carried the confederate battle flag.

For those of us young blacks raised in the South seeing confederate flags (the lower case connotation is intentional and irreversible) waving from Ford pickups, on the lawns in predominately white counties (any county outside of Dekalb or Fulton), schools, sporting and family events… The twinge of the past many have asked Blacks in America to conveniently forget and move forward with times are not left with the bitter aftertaste of having a flag representing the enslavement labor and outright rape and torture that made this country the worldwide power that it currently is, or was depending on who you ask post 1/20/2017.

Some of the irony therein lies that confederate flag and all the undemocratic, racist, and deplorable things has and still does represent slowly began to fade into black (pun intended) in and around the Atlanta metropolitan shortly after 1994. Locals will cite the impending and impeding 1996 Olympics at the time for pushing the “progress” further ahead of schedule than those who make sure every election n cycle that Georgia is a conservative state regardless of how pre-civil rights motivated their ideologies may be.

Much like the uniforms worn by the KKK, the confederate flag never really went anywhere as much as it was rolled up and placed in the basement of your local teacher, business owner, politician, and most frighteningly that neighbor whose kid plays with yours that has your Blackish radar on a twelve out of ten. In this capitalist society everyone is waiting for the opportunity where they get to wave their flag (in this case it is an actual flag) like a badge of honor even if that badge is not one worthy of merit but more less unabashed ignorance.

Enters Donald Trump. What people fail to miss in their appropriately guided disdain of Trump is that not only is he an imbecile of epic proportions, but he is a conduit for many of the racists and the crazies that have been hiding in the shadows of this melting pot America was always intended to be before white men convoluted the idea and power structure to the chaotic and systemically oppressive tipping point on which the crux of the world swings back and forth metronome style awaiting what’s next. But what lies ahead actually used to lay behind.

Renowned writer and scholar W.E.B. Du Bois most famous quotes states: “To train wildly weak and untrained minds is to play with mighty fires.” While this quote Du Bois implored spoke to the condition of Blacks circa 1900, it is unsettling and alarming that these words bears reference not only in 2017, but to a particular political party who now control all facets government on a federal level. For those who are in the know or “woke”, Capitol Hill is on fire and the remnants and smell are eerily reminiscent of when Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground to cut off confederate supplies.

As history unfortunately repeats itself it also exposes failures on the other side. Liberals and their eco-friendly cars and pumpkin lattes have pussified themselves beyond respectability, two million less blacks voted in this election, Bernie’s young voters are too smart to realize that not voting for Hillary is heroic and stupid at the same damn time, and last but not least are those who voted for Hillary in actual clear conscience in my community.

Like 98 percent of the white women before her, she came to serve her feminist white agenda. She is not here for you boo! Let this be a lesson learned like Alicia Keys said. Hillary went from presumptive Presidential favorite to the leading candidate for A2HH’s annual Ghostface Killah Award for the best now you see me now you don’t move. You can bet Hillary will not be crashing the Grammys saying Big Trill Hill is for the kids that’s for sure.

Last but not least are the staunch affluent conservative crowd who hates Hillary and everything she stands for followed by the Trump is gonna shake things up mantra. Quid pro quo; a Black man was just President for eight years in the most racist nation ever! That is the shake up. Trump at best is a tremor after that Obama 7.9 on the richter that left a country of old white men who never took orders from a black man questioning his integrity, policy, and even birth certificate but want us to unite under Trump.

Now my Aunt’s taught me that you cannot fix stupid so I will not argue but I will offer insight. The French once thought Napoleon was a godsend and Hitler was once the most revered man in Europe. Hell, Vanilla Ice and Hammer were once the most recognizable artists in rap. That is after all the beautiful thing about this democracy; all the players can come from far and wide. Just don’t be surprised when a good ol’ boy brings his flag to the wrong party because Donald Trump has him believing now is the time where the South shall rise again.

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Armaud Cooper
Armaud Cooper

East Atlanta raised West Charlotte made Keeper of the FIRE