André 3000 Launches A Shoe Collection With Tretorn

In the world of Hip-Hop Andre 3000’s fashion sense is one of the more standout fashion senses of the culture. A few different times Andre has embarked on his fashion design aspirations. This time it comes in the form of his own shoe collection through Tretorn. 

Tretorn’s Spring 2018 collection will offer 15 designs that are a collaboration of the company and Andre 3000. Dre remembers wearing Tretorn in the halls of Tri-Cities High School back when he was a teen. 

3000 tells Atlanta Magazine “Growing up, we’d all put our personal stamp onto the blank canvas of the Nylite, and I’d sketch out my own designs. This collaboration felt like fun because it brought me back to that place of personalizing these original designs.”

Retail prices vary from $85 to $250. Even Erykah Badu is out spreading the word about Andre’s new shoes. Here are some of the images. 

Tretorn unveil 3K's new debut crep collection.

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Before the 3-stacks collection comes out, I need y'all to understand that some of us already knew what time it was. #Tretorn

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