Chuck D Tells TMZ Trump Administration Is Protecting NRA Terrorists

Chuck D has had the largest voice in Hip-Hop history when is comes to social issues and effecting social change. 30 plus years in the game of Hip-Hop music and Public Enemy and Chuck D have never gone off message. Regardless of trends and what’s cool at the time.

TMZ stops the one and only Chuck D to ask him about the Las Vegas shooting from October 1st, 2017. Chuck D is ask if he had a message for the people in Las Vegas. Chuck simply answers by saying “The NRA is a terrorist organization, man, and the administration backs the terrorist organization and never uses the word. And now their fear is that a 21 year old is now cognizant of the NRA, where before, it wasn’t in their narrative. Now, you got other people who are waking up, who are woke at 18 and 19 and say, ‘This is some bullshit.’” 

Chuck D for President.