Forbes List The World’s Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts Of 2018

It’s that time again. Forbes Magazine is breaking down the highest paid Hip-Hop acts of 2018. Factoring in music and outside investments Forbes comes with a list of what some of the big boys in Hip-Hop brought in this year. 

Months-long tours and endorsement deals with companies such as Sprite and Hennessy enabled the highest-earning hip-hop artists on our annual list to bring in an average $44 million over the past year. Some of them also have acquired lucrative equity stakes, including Nas, 44, who makes the list for the first time a quarter-century after releasing his debut album. A few years back, Nas kindled a friendship with venture capitalist Ben Horowitz at a dinner party and has since snagged stakes in Silicon Valley darlings (Lyft, Coinbase) and online media (Genius, Mass Appeal). Nas pulled in a career best $35 million in all in 2018.

Here’s the list:

20) Swizz Beatz/Russ ($15 Million)

19) Logic ($17 Million)

18) Lil Wayne ($19 Million)

17 ) Lil Uzi Vert ($19.5 Million) 

16) Birdman ($20 Million)

15) Travis Scott ($21 Million)

14) Chance The Rapper ($21.5 Million)

13) Eminem ($23 Million)

12) Migos ($24.5 Million)

11) DJ Khaled ($27 Million) 

10) Kanye West ($27.5 Million)

09) Future ($30 Million) 

08) Pitbull ($32 Million)

06) Nas tie ($35 Million)

06) Dr. Dre tie ($35 Million)

05) J.Cole ($35.5 Million) 

04) Drake ($47 Million)

03) Kendrick Lamar ($58 Million) 

02) Diddy ($64 Million)

01 Jay Z ($76.5 Million)