Is Wu-Tang Being Fairly Compensated For These Black Panther “Wakanda” Wu-Tang Shirts?

It’s safe to say that everyone has heard about the movie “Black Panther”. The Marvel/Disney production has hit the box office with a smash and is literally EVERYWHERE. 

With that being said I’m also sure that everyone has seen those “Wakanda” shirts that have the world famous Wu-Tang Clan logo incorporated in them. I couldn’t help but think “is The Wu being compensated for these shirts appropriately or at all?” after seeing tons of them.

Did a little digging and found that these shirts are being coined as an “unofficial Wu-Wear and Black Panther collaboration”. Still a bit vague, but honest both brands benefit from this even if it is unofficial. 

RZA took to Twitter to say “If its not on its not real.” I didn’t see the shirts on so with that statement we can only assume that Wu-Tang is not being compensated from these unofficial t-shirt sells and there may be some possible legal action coming soon.