LA Rapper 03Greedo Calls 2Pac A “B*tch A** N*gga”

During an interview with Billboard, Los Angeles-based 03 Greedo says that he agrees with Xan’s view of Pac’s music.

“Do they need a ni**a who can really rap to tell you?” he asked. “Tupac sucks, ni**a. Any type of East Coast, West Coast beef, ni**a’s from the East Coast. He’s delusional. He’s a great actor. Part of his music shit was acting. But ni**a, I got to go to court on Friday, I got a whole metal leg, I’m really from the projects. I really got my ‘hood on my face. My first major project is called The Wolf of Grape Street, the gang I’m from. He didn’t even say nothing wrong. Tupac was a bitch ass ni**a. I’m a gangsta ni**a. What I say goes. I don’t give a fuck if I’m wrong.”

The interviewer mentioned Timbaland and the generation divide in Hip-Hop Greedo abruptly said, “Don’t mention Timbaland,” after Billboard editor Carl Lamarre brought up Tim’s name up.

“[Timbaland] said that we don’t have a lot of producers and we have a lot of beatmakers and kids with a program,” Greedo explained. “I don’t want to endorse him anymore. Some people should watch what they say because it’s a slick shot to somebody you don’t even know you’re taking a shot to.”

“I don’t know if you old, but I hate old people,” Greedo continued, expressing his disdain for the older generation of rappers. “I’m 30. Ni**as that have passed my age by like four or five years, after it gets more than that I’m like, ‘You a bitch.’ You feel me? It’s not about old ni**as, but it’s about old ni**as from those years. That’s how the world was, and the world’s not like that no more. They keep trying to bring up race in my interviews and shit, and I don’t go through that no more. I told like three different white boy interviews like, if I come in to see you and you got these sweats on and dirty shoes and you like you’re the boss?”