Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison Says The Eminem Can Be A Colin Kaepernick Of The Rap World

Everyone seems to be weighing in on the gravity of Eminem’s separating himself from President Trump and Trump supporters during his Cypher during the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Mixed reviews all around from the quality, intent, and overall expectation of the BARS.

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison was highly impressed and told TMZ that Eminem can be a Colin Kaepernick of the Rap world if he keeps it up. Ellison also believes that Eminem’s cypher will improve voter turnouts. Ellison also compares Eminem to Marvin Gaye and Mahalia Jackson and what their voices did for the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s and the regrouping of the 70’s.

Interesting comparisons. What do you think?