Eminem Sits Down With Rick Rubin & Malcolm Gladwell To Breakdown His New Single “Walk On Water”

Eminem’s new single “Walk On Water” that features Beyonce has been officially released. Directly after it’s release Eminem sits down with Rick Rubin to discuss the single and talk about his past inspirations in Hip-Hop. 

Em talks about wanting to (and actively attempting to) rap like LL Cool J. As for the single Em speaks of how the track came about, how the chorus came about, and how vulnerable of a song it is for him.

Eminem tells Broken Record about how he studies rhymes and rhyme patterns. Rick Rubin alludes to a conversation that he and Em had about the emergence of “Mumble Rap” and how he could see how it frustrated Eminem. 

This is the most we have heard Eminem speak in some time. Through this 10 minute interview the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher actually never came up. Based on how much of a fuss the Cypher caused it’s a bit strange that it wasn’t spoken about. Here’ the full interview.