STAR Interviews A Man That Claims To Have Had A 7 Year Gay Relationship With A Male Rapper That Many Believe Is Young Buck

Radio personality STAR formerly of Hot 97 and currently of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” may be Hip-Hop’s journalistic King Of Controversy. Many remember STAR exposing Afrika Bambaataa’s sexual encounters with young men by way of interviews with the alleged victims. 

This time STAR interviews a 25 year old celebrity stylist that claims to have had a 7 year gay relationship with a rapper that was in a group. They don’t go as far as to saying who the rapper is but based on the many clues dropped in the interview many are believing that the mystery rapper is Young Buck of G-Unit. 

STAR refers to the rapper’s group in the interview as a “Unit” and also ask the celebrity stylist if he ever met “the leader” of this group. STAR also goes as far as to mentioning that he met the rapper once while he was with his group back when STAR had a radio show on Hot 97. STAR was in radio on Hot 97 in the early 2000’s and he also says that the rapper was “Young” then. The alleged gay lover also says that he has video and text messages as recipients. 

Here’s the interview.