15 Nas Songs That Are Overlooked Gems In His Catalog

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest lyricist of all-time Nas. Nas has had such an amazing career going all the way back to his hyped fulfilling debut album “Illmatic”. Since then Nas has dropped so much incredible music over a 20 plus year span that many of his gems have slipped through the cracks. We are here to give you those gems. We won’t waste your time with too much text, let’s get to the lyrics and music.

On The Real (1991)

Life Is Like A Dice Game (1996) 

Silent Murder (1996)

Shootouts (1996)

Deja Vu (1996) 

Doo Rags (2002) 

My Own Worst Enemy

Blaze A 50 (2002) 

Tales Of The Hood

Queensfinest (1998)

Second Coming

You Don’t Know

One On One

Good Mornin 

Star Wars (2004) 

Kim Morano
Kim Morano

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