ASAP Rocky’s Under Armour Shoe Officially Releases On September 14th

ASAP Rocky is ready to release his first shoe with Under Armour. Officially called the AWGE X Under Armour SRLo, the sneaker has a strong resemblance to the Osiris D3, and that’s because Rocky designed the shoe with the Dave Mayhew, the pro skater who designed the D3 in the first place. Rocky was a fan of the chunky skate shoe when it first released in 1998 at the heart of a confusing period of fashion where almost everything was oversized and chunky. Bubble jackets, baggy jeans, and skate shoes were all part of the mix, and it seems that the table has turned full circle as oversized, especially in footwear, is in.

According to GQ, ASAP Rocky’s AWGE X Under Armour SRLo will officially release in Harlem at a pop-up “skate rave” experience; just two colorways are available at $250 a pair, and only 250 of each style will be available.