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Are These The Top 5 Jordans Ever?

Can anyone name another show that has redefined style, fashion, and acceptance in the black community as Jordans has over the decades? With the first pair being released in 1985, for a rookie coming out of the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan, nor Nike had any idea what they stumbled upon. Jordans are worn on the basketball court, in boardroom meetings, in church, at weddings, and just about anywhere else a fan is allowed to have them on. But which designs are the most popular?

While most fans will probably disagree with this list, that’s why this debate is so popular. It’s the same as asking who the GOAT is in NBA or Hip Hop. Everyone has their favorites.

Air Jordan 13 (1997-98)

The Jordan 13 has to be up there with the Jordan 1 as far as colorways go. With its design, there are so many different routes Jordan Brand went in when it came to changing the colors. it seems that every year, there are at least 2 different colorways being released. While the original hit stores in 1997, it was brought to the world in popular fashion to honor the “He Got Game” movie that starred Denzel Washington and NBA star, Ray Allen.

Air Jordan 3 (1988)

While the Jordan 2’s were mostly duds, the Jordan 3’s are almost built in the mirror image of the 2’s, just in lows. As with most Jordans, what has made these popular are the colorways that accompany this design. Released in 1988, the Jordan 3’s has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. The “elephant print” on the back and in the front coupled with the first “Air Bubble” has made them a mainstay over the years. 

Air Jordan 5 (1990)

This is one that will probably be debated the most due to the infatuation many Jordan lovers have with the Jordan 4 design. However, how can anyone deny the popularity of the Jordan 5? Released in 1990, the Jordan 5 was set off with the release of the hugely popular “Fresh Prince” colorway. The Jordan 5, is a must for every Jordan collector.

Air Jordan 6 (1991)

The Jordan 6 is another shoe that’s very popular and that may be based on one–The Infrared. The infamous shoe is the one Jordan wore when he won his first championship. What keeps this design in hot demand is its sleekness of it. If you’re looking for the perfect shoe to actually play ball in, the Jordan 6’s are the ones. And over the years, Nike and the Jordan Brand has done a great job with the different colorways that has kept them atop the list of favorite Jordans. 

Air Jordan 1 (1985-86)

The Jordan 1 is the foundation of the empire. Released in 1985, the first pair was set in the colorway of the Chicago Bulls (Red/Black/White). But as time went on, the different colorways would easily make them the top pick for all Jordan lovers. The main issue with these kicks is that they are not the best for ball-playing. Glance around any court and this is the one style that you won’t see many with. However, off the court, these are the most fashionable to rock. 



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