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Azealia Banks Pulls Up for a Scathing Review of Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter”

Never one to mince words, Azealia Banks has taken aim at Beyoncé’s latest album, “Cowboy Carter,” in a series of now-deleted Instagram stories. Banks, known for her has a history of critiquing established artists, and Queen Bey wasn’t spared this time around.

Banks’ primary criticism centered on the album’s perceived inauthenticity. She accused Beyoncé of “white woman cosplay” on the album cover and questioned the thematic choices, calling them “redundant.” This critique likely extends to the album’s rapping sections, a territory Beyoncé has ventured into more confidently in recent years.

While some might see Beyoncé’s forays into rap as an evolution, Banks might view them as appropriation. Tracks like “Hold Up” on her Lemonade album showcased a fiercer, more confrontational side of Beyoncé, rapping about betrayal and revenge. “Cowboy Carter” might feature similar lyrical themes, but delivered with a potentially forced Southern drawl, according to Banks’ social media commentary.

Banks also took aim at the album’s length and guest features. She suggested the project was bloated and questioned the absence of collaborations with established country artists. Interestingly, Beyoncé does rap alongside country star Kacey Musgraves on the track “Rodeo”  and country legend Dolly Parton appears on 2 tracks. 

Her comments, while harsh, will undoubtedly continue to generate buzz for”Cowboy Carter”  which is trending to break streaming records during its first weekend of release. 

Does Beyoncé’s exploration of country music ring true, or is it, as Banks suggests, a superficial foray into a genre with a rich history and cultural significance? Only time, and perhaps further artistic responses, will tell.



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