According to Yahoo News Birdman closed several banks accounts, which prevented his ex-employee from collecting on $1 million owed.

According to court documents obtained by the publication, Birdman shut down 7 accounts he held with Citibank on August 31, 2019.

Citibank revealed the information in Birdman’s legal battle with his ex-employee, Nicolas Jose Penzo.

Last month, a Florida judge granted a default judgment against Birdman in the amount of of $1,069,876. The money was awarded to Penzo, who is now trying to collect.

Penzo fired off subpoenas to Citibank demanding they seize all of Birdman’s money and hand it over.

In newly filed documents, Citibank claims to not have any of Birdman’s cash. They point to him closing several accounts in August. The docs state, “Citibank has no tangible or intangible personal property of the Defendants.”

Penzo will have to figure out a new strategy to collect on his $1 million.

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