As the after affects on the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries continue to roll in some people have been quick to point out certain hypocrisies in terms of who gets chosen for the selective outrage. Cam’ron took to Instagram to call attention to the alleged indiscretions of the late Hugh Hefner and his widely celebrated Playboy mansion. 

“So n***** wasn’t mad at Hugh?..?, Cam wrote on IG, “he snatched’m up at 16 N**** Hugh put’m on front page. Can’t be more then one chick at my crib at a time. #NoYouCantBringYaFriend”

Cam also posted a screenshot of a documented account that details Hefner’s questionable work with Brooke Shields, specifically in reference to a photo shoot when the model was only 10 years old. 

“For all ya defending Hugh. He had Brooke Shields naked taking pics in da tub when she was 10. Not defending “Robert” but it’s mad pedi’s (no feet) out here ??‍♂️ see previous post”

Here are the actual post. 

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