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Christine Horn Talks About Her Roles In Snowfall, BMF, & Her Desire To Help Up & Coming Actors & Actresses

Christine Horn has made a name for herself in the acting world in incredible television series like Snowfall and Starz Network’s “BMF”. Horn sat down with Mike D from A2HH to talk about her characters, her passion, and more.

The first thing on the table was to speak to her character Mable from the BMF series. “I auditioned just like every other actress, and something about the character of Mabel just kind of bounced popped off the page for me when I was prepping for it. She just has a lot of fun you know, just vivacious full of life, and of course, full of drama. And so it was fun to tap into that sexy side, that manipulative side. Also playing with her levels because I knew off the rip people would see that she’s a homewrecker period. So the journey then was to okay, how can I humanize her? How can I? What’s her backstory? Why is she the way she is? And so that was a lot of fun and, you know, working on a show like BMF you know, you’re getting to work with different directors every couple of episodes, and it just with some amazing people. There’s just a lot of fun, amazing actors also Russell Hornsby and Nicole Brown, working with them a dream.” Christine says.

“I think people think I was also the lady in the church, which was a whole separate woman flirting with Charles playing in the band. I think that was intended for us to get a little confused like is that so no, I think Charles was going to cheat regardless.”

“I think this season, Mabel is the character people love to hate. There are memes, skits, and all kinds of things online, which means that I did a good job. It means it’s a memorable character. But I think you know, she shakes up a lot within the family. They were already having some struggles with it within the marriage for dealing with their kids building this big empire. So it just did not help and the character of Charles really needed was looking for an outlet. And Mabel was right there. I think that became her mission. You know, like she got a thrill out of seeing if she could get him. There are so many women like that in the world, people like that. But I also think she just brought a spark and some sexiness to the show in a different way, especially for the storyline for Charles, but at the end of the day, you know she has some remorse. And I think she starts getting bored with Charles it’s just a little bit too much drama and then she releases him and sends him back to his wife. But at that point, it’s clearly too late. And then there’s definitely an altercation that happens between Mabel and Lucille.”

“I think just Snowfall gets so much love. I am and I was a fan of the show before I got on it. People really just resonate with the storyline with the actors. Fun story about snowfall. I auditioned for Snowfall every season and never booked even season four which is the season I joined. I auditioned for a few roles prior to Black Diamond. And it even funnier fact the young lady Taylor Polidori, who plays Dallas by cohort, we both auditioned for the opposite roles. She was supposed to be Black Diamond and I was supposed to be Dallas, and when it got down to the final wire, they swapped us and we’ve just been having fun ever since.”

“So I had some bangs and big hoop earrings and I just had so much fun in that audition. I just think it showed I was just a fan of the show and a fan of transforming so, especially the things that are period pieces I get to go back and think about the clothes, how the makeup was. It was a lot of fun and then getting to do it, it’s just been a wonderful journey working with Joseph and Angela, it’s just it’s been so much fun. So it was sad to get killed in season this final season, but no one was safe.”

“I’m making it my mission to help other actors through my podcast about a community called Hollywood-bound actors, where I teach classes and webinars. I have a YouTube channel with over 300 videos, like so it’s not even all about money. It’s like if you want help, I’m just gonna teach you what I did and if it helps you, that’s good. Because coming up into the film and TV industry, I didn’t have guidance. I just kind of fumbled and, and just waited and dealt with rejection and confusion. And I’m like, I can help somebody save some time, effort tears. I want to do that.”

Checkout the full interview below.

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