Eminem performed in Abu Dhabi last night (October 25) and during his set he took aim at Lord Jamar with a few choice words.

Weall know that Lord Jamar so famously stated “the hood doesn’t really listen to Eminem”.

Eminem responded by calling Jamar out on his track ‘Fall’ from his surprise 2018 album, ‘Kamikaze’. “And as far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone/ Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone/ Walk up in this house you own/Brush my pelvic bone,” he rapped.

Eminem took a moment to diss Jamar during his concert at the du Arena in Abu Dhabi.

“Mr. Porter, I had a dream, I was a fuckin’ nobody and sucked at rap, and then I woke up,” Em said to his D12 rhyme parter and hype man, before asking him, “You know who I was?”

“Who?” asked Mr. Porter.

“Lord Jamar,” Em replied before launching into his song ‘Criminal’.

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