For The Sake Of The City Harlem’s New Face


Eno Abasi

For The Sake Of The City

Historically Harlem has given us some of the most versatile Hip-Hop music in all of New York. From Kool Moe Dee to Cam’ron to Big L to Immortal Technique to Big L to A$AP Rocky and the list goes on. Eno Abasi is carrying on Harlem tradition with “For The Sake Of The City”. Eno Abasi takes on a diverse array of subject matter from BlackLivesMatter to God to Mother Appreciation. Eno Abasi’s lyrical ability is not to be underestimated. “For The Sake Of The City” is full of top notch lyricism from beginning to end. Eno starts off eno-abasi-for-the-sake-of-the-city-mixtapethe mixtape with a philosophical message from Dr. Cornel West about the hardships that Black youth face just going to school everyday and the weight being placed on kid’s shoulder due to their harsh realities. Music programs being cut so the kids can’t learn how to play instruments so they are forced to sample. The song “1990 Now” is a throwback stylistically when it comes to the sound and the flavor of the record but the BARS are definitely up to date in the sickest way. “1990 Now” was actually a great way to start this mixtape off because it’s one of the strongest songs on the effort and has definite replay value. Another one of the real standout songs on the tape is “9th Wonder Kind Of Love” the track is perfect with a smooth lush sound with a heavy snare during the first half of the song. The second half of the song gives up this incredible sample of the Alicia Keys’ classic “You Don’t Know My Name”.  Eno speaks about his affection for this woman that has been down with him through it all. This is a very soulful track and again one of the highlights of this mixtape that is very dense with quality records. “All Time Greats” shows Eno flexing his lyrical skill and experimenting with his flow a lot. Once again versatility being shown on the part of the Harlem emcee. The production on this album is top notch and the jazzy horns on “Black Plight” is one of the many production highlights on this project. Although “Believe It” may be the most soulful moment of the whole mixtape. “Believe It” is so cold and is just one of those feel good joints that you can ride to.

Top 5 Songs On The Mixtape:

  1. Believe It
  2. 9th Wonder Kind Of Love
  3. 1990 Now
  4. Black Plight
  5. All Time Greats

Although those are the top 5 songs everything on this mixtape is worth giving a listening to. Eno Abasi has a perspective that makes him the kind of emcee that one would sit down and listen to just to checkout his viewpoint on life. Everyone can relate to songs like “All I Care About” which talks about the love for family and one closest to you. For a real Hip-Hop fan “For The Sake Of The City” is a must listen. It’s a mixtape that takes on an underground mentality in terms of quality but has great replay value. The new Harlem is in great hands with an emcee like Eno at the forefront carrying on the tradition of style, lyricism, and versatility.

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