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Ice Cube Doubles Down On His Lawsuit Against Robinhood App

Ice Cube is refusing to back down in his legal battle with investment app Robinhood. Back in March, we reported that the renowned West Coast rapper filed a lawsuit against Robinhood, accusing the app of using his likeness without his permission. In the suit he claimed that Robinhood used his image in an ad that was included in an advertisement in the Robinhood Snacks newsletter without contacting him. 

He is seeking millions from the company for allegedly stealing his catchphrase, “Check Yo Self, Before You Wreck Yo Self,” in a promotional email sent by the company to their user-base. He filed the lawsuit on March 31st of this year, but Robinhood filed a motion to get the entire case thrown out by a judge, claiming he has no copyright claims over the image taken from Are We Done Yet?

They further argued that Ice Cube was simply seeking attention since the phrase has been co-opted numerous times outside of the app’s use. Cube’s attorney, however, Michael A. Taitelman has fired back at Robinhood’s attempt to dismiss the rapper’s complaint. 

“[Robinhood] now seeks to evade responsibility for their misconduct by filing a blunderbuss motion that misses the mark,” Taitelman said. [Robinhood’s use of [Ice Cube’s] image and likeness is pure commercialization, executed without the consent of [Ice Cube] and [Robinhood’s efforts to hide behind the Constitution are in vain.”

Cube further alleges his name is a registered trademark, and Robinhood’s use of his image and likeness resulted in false advertising, a right not protected under the constitution. On June 3rd, Judge Laurel Beeler will decide whether or not the lawsuit will proceed or not.

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