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Lauren London Reportedly To Be Paid $5.6 Million For Her & Nipsey Hussle’s Son & Will Split 50% Of Marathon Clothing Company


Nipsey Hussle’s Brother, Sam, Wraps Up Estate Duties and Distributes Inheritance to Nipsey’s Son and Lauren London

Nipsey Hussle’s brother, Sam, has successfully concluded his responsibilities as the administrator of the late rapper’s estate. Recent court documents obtained by reveal the intricacies of the estate’s assets and the allocation of the inheritance.

Following Nipsey Hussle’s tragic passing in 2019, Sam was appointed to oversee the rapper’s finances and manage the distribution of his estate. The primary beneficiaries of Nipsey’s estate are his son, Kross, born to his girlfriend Lauren London, and his daughter, Emani, from a previous relationship with Tanisha Foster.

In a recent filing, Sam reported that all creditor’s claims and tax-related matters have been resolved. The estate currently holds approximately $11 million in assets. This figure includes several bank accounts, collectively containing $5,997,092.

The estate also encompasses additional assets, such as a 2012 Chevy Suburban valued at $17,000, 100% membership interest in All Money Inc, estimated at $2.4 million, 100% ownership stakes in Marathon Studios, The Marathon Touring, and The Marathon Clothing Inc, valued at $606,000, $271,000, and $913,000, respectively. Furthermore, there are various other businesses and companies with an aggregate worth of over $1 million, culminating in total assets of $11,355,596.64.

Sam has requested court approval for a $130,000 disbursement to cover legal fees associated with managing the estate.

In his proposal, Sam has recommended that both Kross and Emani receive an equal share, with each receiving 50% of the remaining estate funds. However, he suggests that Kross should be granted an additional $113,000 to account for expenses related to Emani’s healthcare, education, and other necessary matters.

Lauren London, acting on behalf of Kross, will receive 50% of the money held in the estate’s bank accounts and an equal share of Nipsey’s various business interests.

This final report follows a recent court decision granting Sam, his sister, and his mother guardianship over Emani, a decision reached after a prolonged legal battle with Tanisha Foster.

Nipsey’s family had argued that Tanisha was not a suitable guardian for Emani and asserted that they were better equipped to care for the minor. Initially, Tanisha had agreed to the guardianship following Nipsey’s tragic death, but she later sought its termination earlier this year.

Tanisha claimed that she had only consented to guardianship due to financial constraints and accused the family of using their financial influence to control Emani’s and her own desires. Ultimately, the court ruled in favor of Nipsey’s family, granting them custody and financial control over Emani.



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