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Let’s Give Wood Harris His Flowers While He’s Still Here

In the black community, we hold tight to our favorite actors. Ask anyone who their favorites are and the same names will pop up in any conversation. Our male leads will always be Denzel Washington followed by the likes of Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and Laurence Fishburne. For our leading ladies, we will go with Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson, Halle Berry, and Taraji P. Henson. But there is one name that often gets left off the list. What about Wood Harris?

For my generation, Harris is a star. While he may not be as beloved as Washington, Harris has more than proved his weight in Hollywood, especially when it comes to black movies.

Think about it like this. Harris has played by far the most talked about Gansta role opposite Tony Montana in The Wire where he portrayed Avon Barksdale. He also set it off in Remember The Titans with Washington. Harris took the role of a boxing coach in the Creed movies, hell, he even starred in Above The Rim with Tupac. Harris is underrated in the acting field.

Name a role that he has not touched that has not been just as memorable as any of Washington’s roles. Harris is that dude from the block who just saved up some cash and went to Hollywood in a wing and a prayer and blew up.

No, his movies, especially as the lead won’t go on to gross Billions at the Box Office but he’s consistent. He chooses his roles carefully and has this connection to the hood that actors are still trying to sink their teeth into.

As beloved as Washington, Jackson, and Smith are, Harris is our go-to guy. Paid In Full is arguably the best dope flick ever. Above The Rim is a classic. Remember The Titans is mentioned as one of the best sports movies ever made. And as far as The Wire, that’s regarded as the greatest TV show ever. The one thing they have in common is Wood Harris.

Hailing from Chicago, Wood got his first real break in `94 when he took on the role Motaw in Above The Rim. Since then, he has been a major staple in Hollywood. Wood has starred in stage plays, movies, TV shows, and has done documentaries. At the young age of 52, Wood Harris has a nice resume to add to his legacy. His older brother is actor Steve Harris.

Too many times, we see actors take roles just to stay relevant. Wood Harris has taken roles that best suit him. He’s not out here hobnobbing like Will Smith, Harris does his part and retreats where he’s comfortable. There has been no mention of Hollywood scandals or any other incidents. So, while we like to give flowers to some of the greats while they’re here, it’s time that we give a standing ovation to Wood Harris and his career.



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