Lil Wayne wants his money back from his former attorney, who he says has been overcharging him for over a decade.

According to a report TMZ Wayne is suing his former lawyer Ronald Sweeney because the attorney was charging him double the standard rate.

Court documents state that Sweeney, who represented Wayne from 2005 to September 2018, charged him 10 percent for every deal he helped close. Wayne says that Sweeney neglected to tell him that the standard industry rate is only five percent. The documents also state that Sweeney once proposed that he get an additional 10 percent of all profits from Young Money, but Wayne swiftly shot down that idea.

Along with the up-charge, Wayne says that Sweeney hired another law firm to assist in the Cash Money litigation for their deal over Tha Carter V. Wayne also says the firm got 23 percent of the Cash Money settlement and 15 percent of the Universal Music Group settlement. All of that was on top of Sweeney’s inflated 10 percent charge he was already hitting Weezy with. Within the past 13 years, Wayne asserts that Sweeney made at least $20 million through his work him him. Now, he wants every penny back.

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#LilWayne Sues Ex-lawyer For $20 million Lil-Wayne has sued his former  attorney Ronald Sweeney for allegedly swindling him out of $20 million while he represented the musician. Sweeney was Wayne's manager between 2005 to September 2018, and allegedly charged him 10% of all profits, which was well beyond the 5% standard of the industry. The lawyer also tried to charge him a further 10% of  Young Money label's profit, but was stopped by Wayne. Sweeney managed to get more funds from Wayne though during Wayne's legal batthe with Birdman and Cash Money Records, as well as Universal Music Group. The lawyer did that through another firm that allegedly took 23% of the proceed from the settlement and another added 15%. These were outside the 10% Wayne was already being charged. Various reports said that Universal paid Young Money $10 million, although the figure has not been confirmed. #Olorisupergal #OSG

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