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Lil Yachty Responds To J.Cole’s “One Day Everybody Gotta Die”


Yesterday J. Cole hit the internet like a hurricane. The highlight and what became the topic of conversation was Cole’s first verse on the song “False Prophets’ that put a microscope on the elephant in the room that is Hip-Hop and discussed his feelings on Hip-Hop’s most polarizing figure Kanye West.  But Kanye wasn’t the only one that caught Cole’s wrath. Many believe that the second verse of that same song was directed towards Cole’s long time friend Wale addressing Wale’s battle with feeling underappreciated in Hip-Hop.

Cole didn’t stop there. Being an artist who is taken seriously for his lyrics Cole addressed the recent slew of rappers in Hip-Hop that don’t seem to put much thought into their BARS. When this topic comes about the first person that seems to catch the wrath Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty. When Cole raps “Bunch of words but ain’t sayin sh*t I hate these rappers. Especially the amateur eight week rappers. Lil whatever just another short bus rapper” the internet and Hip-Hop fans alike all immediately understood this as a shot to Lil Yachty.

Power 106 in LA caught up with Lil Yachty today and ask him what he thought of J Cole’s remarks. As Yachty expressed the fact that he has nothing but love for J Cole in Yachty fashion he made sure to let Power 106 and their listeners know that he doesn’t listen to J.Cole’s music and doesn’t give a fu*k about his remarks. The begs the question is the gap that Yachty often gets associated with generational or is it more cultural? I find it ver hard to believe that Lil Yachty would view J.Cole as an old man and unlike Yachty’s Biggie and 2Pac explanation J.Cole is of Lil Yachty’s listening generation. If you go to a J.Cole show yo will see a crowd full of ticket buyers that are Lil Yachty’s age. Lil Yachty never explained why he doesn’t listen to J.Cole’s music but hopefully that will asked in his next big interview.



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