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Michael B. Jordan & Jonathan Major Uplift Angela Bassett By Calling Her ‘Auntie’ While Some Take Offense From The Term

During the 2023 Oscars, Micheal B Jordan used the word “Auntie” to address Angela Bassett following her loss to Jamie Lee Curtis for Best Supporting Actress. Afterward, an article was published where it was mentioned that a few people had an issue with the term used by the two men. 

Never did Jordan or Jonathan Majors intend to disrespect Bassett, her career accomplishments, or make her seem anything less than the Black Queen she is. What Jordan was referring to was the title of  “Auntie“ that Bassett played to his character in Black Panther.

So, let’s be clear here. Jordan, at that moment, was not Michael B Jordan, he was Eric Killmonger. These were two actors who shared the screen together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and at that moment when Bassett appeared to be hurt over her loss, Jordan tried to bring a little light to a dark situation. But as usual, the wanna-be “woke” congregation decided to add their two cents to the situation.

Some of our most powerful women in the industry have gone on record as saying they’re not fond of the term “Auntie” unless it’s coming from family members. From Oprah Winfrey to Gayle King and even Mary J Blige. These are just a few who has expressed their dislike for the term.

For starters, Jordan was in character, and for all those saying he should not have said it, the hard truth is, Queen Romanda was indeed Killmonger’s “Auntie”.

To further that point, what happens if Jamie Lee Curtis decided to accept her award while in character? Would she get the same backlash that Jordan did?

That term is not meant to disrespect. In the black community, it’s used as a sign of respect. For years, some of the people providing the slander, are the same ones saying we need to get back to being a family/community.

Oprah is viewed by many as an Auntie/Sister/Mother figure whether she likes it or not. It’s the same with Mary. That’s how we view them. We see them as family. But you don’t want no one calling out “Auntie” that’s not blood. No problem, we can accommodate that for you but do not get on social media and start complaining when we start to treat you differently and you no longer feel that connection with your people.

I cringe being called Auntie or Mama by anybody other than my nieces or godchildren,” Winfrey explained in a 2019 interview. “Except if I’m in Africa, where it’s the custom for everybody to refer to anyone older as ‘Sister’ or ‘Auntie,’ depending on the age difference. And there, no one refers to anyone older by their first name out of respect.

And especially with Mary, you play the role of “Auntie“ on Power so if Zeke (minus the big reveal, she’s really his mother) were to get on stage and refer to you as “Auntie” would that be a problem? What’s the difference with what Jordan did?

In Africa, “Auntie” is used out of respect. But in America, it’s used as disrespect? This is a huge issue within our community. These superstars are quick to get on TV and social media and say we lack that family unity we had decades ago. But they also forget that we grew up in an era where our neighbors raised us when our parents weren’t around.

Let’s be honest here. Miss Mary from across the hall was not our mother, but she treated us like one of her own. Which in turn, made her “Auntie”.

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