Music Video From Richie Richer Ft. YungBless For The Single ‘Bruce Lee’

Richie Richer and YoungBless hook up for the Asian inspired music video “Bruce Lee” directed by Gambino. From Queens, New York to Chinatown the music video for “Bruce Lee” is a gathering of the BankLine crew. Visuals full of bright light and a New York City back drops from the Chinese store on the corner to the projects.

Bruce Lee is full of energy as Richie Rich just lets the woman know that he’s just trying to kick it with her. Give credit to Gambino for shooting a well shot music video in an environment where there is always a lot going on. If you’ve ever been to Chinatown in NYC you can see how authentic this music video is.

Looks like Richie Richer has another banger on his hands with this one. This style of record doesn’t label the two rappers as “East Coast” rappers due to the sounds of NYC’s past emcees. This track has a reach that is outside of just the regional reach of New York City.

Checkout “Bruce Lee”

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