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Offset Says Migos Popularized Rapping About “Nothing” But Having Good Flows

“People get away with not saying nothing as long as the cadence and flow are good, and I feel like we created that.”

In a new interview with Billboard, Migos rapper Offset took credit for a number of trends he believes the group started, including ones that may surprise some fans. During the interview, Offset was asked if he agreed with David Banner saying rappers took Migos flow but didn’t give them proper credit. Not only did Offset agree, but he went a step further.

“If you go back in time and listen to music prior to 2013, the cadence and the flow didn’t matter,” said Offset. “It was more about the bars and what you’re saying. Now, people get away with not saying nothing as long as the cadence and flow are good, and I feel like we created that. We did. I remember when Quavo was most influential in 2013. It just don’t be no respect given but that’s how my generation is anyway.”

Also in the interview, Offset talked about Migos influence in trap music.

“We made this trap [style] go pop,” said Offset to Billboard. “They don’t talk about that. We made trap go pop talking about selling pounds and bricks, and we hit Billboard No. 1. Hip-hop artists weren’t going No. 1 like that, but now it just be ‘bang, bang, bang.’”

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