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Omari Hardwick Blames Starz, Not 50 Cent For Ghost Not Returning

Rule No. 1 in the entertainment industry is to never let the media try to spin a story that will put you and a friend at odds. This is exactly what is happening after Omari Hardwick did an interview to promote his new movie, “The Mother” with Jennifer Lopez. During said interview, Hardwick as he has been asked many times before, was hit with questions regarding a return to the hit show “Power” on Starz. 

In his response, Hardwick stated that there were discussions but nothing ever came to light.

They asked me before to come back. They asked me in the last year and a half to come back. When I was offered this, when I was in Boston reading this script. I was in Boston saying “and then this”. And then the “then this” went to Starz and then they didn’t come back. They didn’t give me what I wanted on the “then this”. So if they gave me the “then this”…but it would need to be the right “

But what some folks took from that was Hardwick taking a shot at 50 Cent and that’s just not the truth. See, what happens is, folks think 50 is solely responsible for the Power Universe. Many must believe that 50 owns Starz. Well, he doesn’t. When Hardwick said what he said, media outlets, especially the black ones’ took to social media and put a spin on his words. 

Hardwick never said it was 50 Cent who didn’t give him what he wanted in terms of money for him to reprise his role as James St. Patrick. As far as we know, Hardwick and 50 are still close. Remember, it was 50 who fought for him to get that role and 50 who also helped him out of a financial crisis. So, to think that after all these years of giving 50 his proper respect, Hardwick would just all of a sudden change his tune.  

In a since-deleted post, 50 made a statement that said he was the only one looking out for them and many took that as a shot at Hardwick. No, it was not. 50 was just stating that he had their backs all along while the Starz Network did not. This could be one of the main reasons why 50 has since moved on from Starz as well. 

But this is nothing new in the land of Hollywood. Starz didn’t know what to expect with “Power”. No way they saw the vision of spinoffs. No way did they want to see Hardwick return to the role of Ghost knowing he would need a hefty raise. But when it happened, in their mind they had the upper hand. But imagine where their ratings would be if they would have given in and given this man the money he deserved. By calling while you know he’s filming another movie, that’s some snakey Hollywood stuff there. 

All in all, this is not a 50 Cent and Omari Hardwick beef. This is a beef between Starz, 50 Cent, and Hardwick. The rest of the media needs to leave these two friends alone and focus on where the real activity is coming from. 

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