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Snoop Dogg & Son Cordell Broadus Launch Death Row Games To Support Minority Creators

Image Source: Getty Images

Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, recently unveiled their latest business venture, known as Death Row Games. This startup was established with the goal of supporting minority talents within the Fortnite ecosystem, offering them opportunities to create, develop, and publish content.

Their joint mission is to expand the horizons of storytelling in the gaming world while simultaneously providing underrepresented creators with a platform to thrive.

Broadus conveyed, “Our vision for Death Row Games is to grant diverse creators access and opportunities, empowering them and enriching the narrative surrounding the ever-evolving landscape of gaming. Although we are still in the early stages of this endeavor, my team and I are eagerly embarking on the journey to bolster the UEFN ecosystem, where we believe the future generation of audiences resides.”

This launch follows six years of Broadus’s involvement in the gaming industry. He shared with AfroTech, “We have been creating games, albeit on a relatively amateur scale without any significant releases. Our mindset has always revolved around the idea of building something on our terms. We felt it was time to allocate substantial resources to the development of Death Row Games, providing a haven for diverse creators within the gaming realm and influencing the trajectory of what the next generation of gaming should embody.

We consistently stress the importance of representing culture in these sectors, rather than just being a passive talent. We want to be part of the decision-making process and, more significantly, weave the narratives of diverse creators into the fabric of our work, with a specific focus on underserved communities.”

Regarding the collaboration with his 51-year-old father, Broadus humorously commented that Snoop might be somewhat disconnected from the current gaming landscape, but he finds it empowering to share knowledge and resources. He expressed, “I’m giving him insights, and in return, he has entrusted me with the reins to make key decisions for a brand as prominent as his.”

A formal launch date for Death Row Games has not been officially disclosed yet.



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