Checkout The Trailer For The Upcoming Master P Documentary “The Real Story”

Hip-Hop documentaries are a great way to get some level of insight into various movements that have taken place in Hip-Hop history. Yet another movement is about to release a documentary with Master P’s “The Real Story” we will get a never before seen look at the development and rise of No Limit Records through the eyes of it’s founder Master P. 

According to the No Limit Forever YouTube page this documentary is getting people ready for the 2019 Master P biopic “King Of The South”. Here’s how they describe this documentary:  The compelling Master P Documentary the real rag to riches story, that spotlight life of Percy Miller from the projects to building a empire. The hustler,musician,actor,pro basketball player,business man, entrepreneur, philanthropist and father. Making it out the ghetto to becoming a superstar in Hollywood, passing up a million dollar deal and becoming one of the most successful music moguls in the industry. You may think you know but you have no ideal until you see the interviews , the research the publicized and publicized stories told about the southern phenomenon who turn his record company no limit to the biggest independent label in the world . The documentary will prepare fan for one of the most anticipated 2019 theater biopic “KING OF THE SOUTH”