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Nicki Minaj Feels That Cardi B Didn’t Show Her The Proper Love After Being Blessed To Share A Feature With Nicki

Nicki has dropped her two singles not even a week after Cardi B broke the internet with he “Invasion Of Privacy” Album. In addition to this promotional push that Apple Music is coining as “The Return Of Nicki”, Nicki does an exclusive Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe where she is nearly in tears talking about how she didn’t feel the love from Cardi B after their “Motorsport” collaboration with Migos. 

“The only thing that Cardi did that really hurt my feelings was the first interview after ‘Motorsport’ came out. It just really hurt me because the only thing she kept saying was, ‘I didn’t hear that verse. She changed her verse.'”

“I kind of felt ambushed,” Nicki continued, especially after Quavo “didn’t back [her] up” on the story of how the record came about.

Nicki also said that Quavo’s told her: “I would go on Twitter and back you up if you were my girl.” Plus, Nicki says that she wanted to shoot the “Motorsport” video with Cardi B, but there was a scheduling conflict due to her hairdresser, who couldn’t make it on the day Cardi was shooting.

“All of them allowed me to look like I lied and even with the scheduling conflict, she’s using my hairdresser now, so even he can attest to the fact that there was a scheduling conflict,”

“I really fully supported her and up until this recent interview I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview. I can just imagine how many girls wish they could of been on a song with Nicki Minaj. I’m not saying it in a cocky way.” Nicki says.

Checkout some of the audio.



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