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Is Lil Wayne The King Of Struggle BARS?

If we are all honest with ourselves Wayne is currently a shell of the Dedication 2 Wayne that is so critically acclaimed. As far as that “Best Rapper Alive” title, it was tough for me to buy into because Rakim, Nas, Jay Z, and many other great emcees are alive and well. 

Let’s be honest tho none of the all-time great emcees in Hip-Hop would be able to get away with some of the wack BARS that Weezy has spit. 

I get it, Weezy at one time was doing a lot of work. He goes for punchlines on every bar. The problem is for every 4 terrible bars comes 1 acceptable bar. Be honest, could you heard Rakim saying BARS like these?

“Had a phone in jail, that’s a cell phone”

“We the motherfuckers like MILF”

“Some people hang you out to dry, like a towel rack”

“I’m a made nigga, I should dust something”

“Birdman Jr., y’all just bird food”

“Been eating my girl and she’s so sweet, I got cavities”

“All about my riches/ My name should be Richard”

“Don’t call me ‘sir’/ Call me ‘sir-vivor’”

“Weezy F./ For ‘Fuck you’”

“The ‘F’ is for ‘Fuck yourself’”

“You know that money talk/ I am the ventriloquist” 

“Times have changed/ Well fuck it get a new watch”

“How you niggas want to have it your way/ Burger King?”

“Eat her ‘til she cry/ Call that wine and dine”

“Just sit on my grill/ That’s that tailgate for ya”

“Tools on deck/ Home Depot nigga”

“I’m 100/ Like a fastball”

“I say you rappers sweet/ I pay the incidentals”

“We jack son then light up that ‘L’/ Samuel”

“Nigga Im straight…my girl a faggot”

“If you fake put a egg in ya shoe n scramble”

“Smoke so much that Smokey the Bear have to bear wit us”

“Shoot you from your head to your shoulders, shampoo”

“Weezy F baby and the ‘F’ is for phenomenal”



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