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Hip-Hop’s Most Important Drummer Clyde Stubblefield Is Dead At 73 Years Old

As the old saying goes “Legends Never Die” well another legend has left us here on this earth. James Brown’s legendary drummer Clyde Stubblefield has passed away at the age of 73. Clyde Stubblefield without a doubt is the most important drummer in the history of Hip-Hop. Not only was Hip-Hop created in The Bronx based on DJ Kool Herc playing records that featured Stubblefield on the drum but some of Hip-Hop’s most notable records used Stubblefield’s “The Funky Drummer” loop. Dr Dre’s “Let Me Ride”, Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”, “Rebel Without A Pause”, N.W.A’s “F**k The Police”, LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” just to name a few. DJ Kool Herc’s “Merry Go Round” technique comes from a Stubblefield loopas well.

Jame Brown’s “The Funk Drummer” loop has been used in so many records that it has been deemed un-calculable. James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” is the most sampled record in the history of music and that is in large part to The Funky Drummer himself Clyde Stubblefield. James Brown was vibing on the record “The Funky Drummer” and called for his drummer Clyde to go solo on a break and that moment changed everything for a genre that had yet to be created.

The legendary Boosie Collins played with Stubblefield for many years as a member of James Brown’s band before making his leap to Parliament. Collins and Stubblefield shared a legendary musical moment on the break of “Give It Up Turnit A Loose (Live Version)”. Here is what Collins had to say of Stubblefield’s passing via Facebook.

Legendary Hip-Hop producer Marley Marl teamed up with Stubblefield a few years back to make sure people knew the importance of this legendary drummer and his impact. Stubblefield was taking it with stride and used the time to share some wisdom and history at the same time.

Without the work of Clyde Stubblefield we have no idea what Hip-Hop music would sound like. We don’t even know if the genre would be inspired to be created in the same way if not for this man’s work. This is a very important loss and we will always appreciate your work and existence on this earth Mr. Stubblefield.





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