Nicki Minaj Says Her Friend Rah Ali Beat Up Cardi B At NYFW & Nicki Is Offering $100,000 For The Footage

Nicki Minaj gets on the latest episode of her QueenRadio show t bark on Cardi B about what REALLY happened during the confrontation with Cardi at a 2018 New York Fashion Week event last month. Nicki offers $100,000 to whoever leaks footage of Cardi’s alleged scuffle with Nicki’s friend Rah Ali. From whom she says really hit Cardi and not security. 

After claiming that Cardi’s sister Hennessey Carolina had lied about Nicki leaking the Bronx rapper’s phone number so she could be harassed by Nicki’s fans, Nicki makes her offer.  “Anybody that wanna pull up the surveillance footage, I will give you $100,000,” Nicki says

Here’s the full Nicki Rant.

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