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According to Symba, Jay Z Continues To Sell That He’s “Better Than You” To The Masses

On an episode of ” My Expert Opinion”, rapper Symba had a segment where he stated that Jay Z is “better than you.” There was no clear definition of exactly who “you” is but let’s just say that he’s speaking about other rappers. Was Symba wrong? Is he delusional, or is he one of the biggest Jay Z fans ever to walk the earth and he’s just showing his idol respect?

For most, that statement went over a lot of people’s heads. But when you think about what Symba said, you then begin to realize that while wild as hell, he does have a point on a few things.

Early on, Jay Z was the poster child for hustling success in the rap game. There are numerous stories that go back to his early days. But as he matured, so did everything else around him, and that’s what Sybba is speaking about. Name another rapper outside of Jay that has the type of influence on the culture that he has.

As Symba said, 50 Cent sells TV. Kayne sells a product (shoes,) but when speaking about Hov, it’s a lifestyle that he sells and one that many can’t obtain. Think about it, Hov has his own color (Jay Z Hue). Like Puff and 50, he does have his own alcohol (Ace of Spades). But the difference between his and the others is exactly what Symba is talking about, Ace of Spades is in a different ballpark than Ciroc and Branson. Look at it. Liquor compared to champagne. One is casual, while the other is to celebrate. He just thinks differently.

Symba also goes on to mention his better half. What rapper in the game or even fans of his, can say they have a Beyonce on the arm or even have kids with a woman of that caliber? “He’s better than you.” Men pawn over Beyonce. Hell, women drool over her. She’s her own entity. She has her own planet just as he does his.

Style-wise, look at photos of Jay. He doesn’t care anymore. Gone are the baggy Rocawear jeans and oversized shirts and now it’s fitted sweatpants and business suits. Gone are the low cuts and replaced with dreads. And that is another symbol of success. Think back to how corporate America sees us. Having dreads in a place of business was a no-no. But who’s going to tell Jay Z he can’t walk into a board room with his dreads swinging? “He’s better than you.”

Yes, guys like Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Drake, and others have done well for themselves outside of music. But who is on the level of Jay Z? No one. Jay took the idea of what Master P did to another level. Hell, his Roc Nation Company is a major player in the world of sports and entertainment management. Roc Nation is also responsible for artists such Rihanna, J Cole, Meg Tha Stallion, Yo Gotti, DJ Khaled, Alicia Keys Shakira, and the list goes on.

NEW YORK – AUGUST 22: 50 Cent, Kanye West, Diddy and Jay-Z onstage at Madison Square Garden in New York City for the Screamfest tour, August 22, 2007. (Photo by John Ricard/FilmMagic)

And when doing interviews, artists will credit Jay as their source for wanting to do more outside of music. That’s where the respect comes from. When your peers say you’re the reason they wanted to expand, that’s cementing one’s legacy right there.

Then we have the biggest one of them all. Jay Z, the kid from Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, NY, has a seat at the NFL table. While many will say he sold out, he’s in the door. Think of the last few Super Bowl Halftime performances. J-Lo, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cect, Mary J Blige, and Dr. Dre. Then this eyer with Rihanna, this is what the NFL wanted but couldn’t obtain. So what if they had to reach down and grab someone who looks like us. But who else were they going to grab but Jay Z? “He’s better than you.”



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