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FyabirdPhenix Album ‘Half a Hunnit’ Is One Of 2023’s Hidden Treasures In Hip-Hop

The world of music has always been a powerful medium for artists to convey their experiences, emotions, and perspectives. FyabirdPhenix takes listeners on a captivating journey through life’s highs and lows with his latest album, “Half a Hunnit.” This remarkable collection of tracks invites audiences to delve into the artist’s soul, exploring themes of perseverance, ambition, and pursuing dreams. In this article, we’ll dive into the essence of “Half a Hunnit” and discover why this album has garnered significant attention and acclaim.

FyabirdPhenix, a versatile artist known for his thought-provoking lyrics and innovative soundscapes, has been making waves in the music industry. His ability to fuse hip-hop, rap, and R&B elements into a unique sonic tapestry has set him apart. “Half a Hunnit” is a testament to his artistic growth and maturity.
The Tracks That Define “Half a Hunnit”

“Half a Hunnit” is more than just an album; it’s a musical narrative that resonates with audiences on a deeply personal level. FyabirdPhenix’s storytelling ability, combined with his masterful production, creates a sonic experience that is both immersive and emotionally resonant.
The album invites listeners to reflect on their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. FyabirdPhenix’s authenticity and vulnerability in his lyrics serve as a source of inspiration, reminding us all that growth and transformation are possible, even in the face of adversity.

Here is FyabirdPhenix in his own words: “According 2 Hip Hop Im Called ‘Phenix’ or FyabirdPhenix or Day G or Gizzle etc.. {from that alias Era}, But According to My Mama Im called Davion Green from East End Richmond Va or 80Fo or The Rich.. 70s Baby So quite Naturally My 1st Musical Experiences are much like everyone else’s I assume, Kids Shows (Schoolhouse Rock), Television Themes (Good Times), Soul Train, American Bandstand, and of course any Music played in the Home or what you hear from your Parents Car back seat on the Radio… For Phenix that List Goes from Motown to Gospel to Funk; Disco is What was mainly available then. As a result, Phenix Music sounds like a Soulful Boom Bap with a Funk Fusion While Lyrically  Roming All Zones.

Hip Hop didn’t Exist in My World until I found myself picking my Jaw up off the Floor in 1980, sitting outside my bedroom door on the Hallway floor, playing Kurtis Blow’s ‘The Breaks’ and Rappers Delight Back to Back on a Plastic Record Player… That was My 1st taste of Hip Hop and Hearing the Word “Rapping” in music outside of James Brown saying it. Next, ‘The Message’ and it was Crazy because, Around the same time, Tom Tom Club had ‘Genius of Love’ Out, and I was in 5th Grade getting Piano lessons playing Scott Joplin’s ‘Ragtime Raggles’ with 2 Hands For Twix Bars and an Attaboy, musically all over the Place. By 84, I had got My 1st Tape with Case and Cover insert, which was LLs Radio, and I made up my 1st Rhyme. Next thing I knew, I was riding my bike to the Library to check out Music, Chi Lites, Isaac Hayes, Otis, etc. Hip Hop was off to the Races, and Me too.. Curious about the sounds and Here for all that Smoke…

For Phenix, 1986-1996 is Hands Down the Greatest 10yr Stretch in Hip Hop Music, and it Shaped My Writing and Delivery Style… If My Music were a House, it would look like a Nice 10 to 15-year-old Home, Settled But still Fairly Fresh but Old Enough that it’s been updated to Current… But when You go inside, you see Posters of Biggie, Nipsey, Rick James, Steevie, Nas, Wu Coltrane, Fleetwood Mac, Kane, Lyte, Lionel Richie, Mike, Prince, and so forth, With Maybe Weed on the table and Timb boots or Shell toe Sneakers in the Floor… My Journey makes Me adopt The Phenix as it Dies in and Rises from its Ashes to Continue Renewed Each life which is a combo of My Struggles Ls and Ws… Musically, I was a Consumer heavy 86′ to 93′ when I thought I could write it down.. a Thousand Freestyle and Blunt Sessions to Renting Hotel Rooms or showing up to the College Library to write in quiet.. It got Serious… Working out one day and Saw an old Classmate who had a Music conversation, and in a couple of weeks, I Recorded My 1st ever two songs; that was 97′.. I met a kat there that needed a Ride Home, Had More Music Conversation, and Ended up in a Group.. By 99′ We had Recorded a bunch of Records, did Talent Shows, opened mics, got Signed Locally to Mgmt, Did More Shows, Events, and Radio Interviews and Things Didn’t Work out… By 2000, I had started a Label, Got a Bunch of Equipment, Built a Studio, and Said, We Gone Do It Ourselves. Started Producing Beats and Running The Label Did More Shows. and Made an Album Called ‘Illogic’ that Dropped in 04′ which we Promoted Everywhere on the East Coast, including Atlanta All-Star Weekend that Year… Our Indie Effort was Good but Absolutely No Match for What Hip Hop was Doing Commercially at the Time. I took a Break and Devoted My Time and Efforts to My Family…. In 2011, I Met a Much Younger brother who was into Music Heavy, and we had Similar Views, so we stayed in touch and always talked about music.. By 2013 I wrote My 1st verse in 7yrs, and we Recorded a song Called ‘Ape Shit’ over a Ross Beat on a Project Called ‘Somebody Sign Me Vol1’ by, at that time, Young Rell The Assassin..

By 2015, I was More Involved and ended up writing a Few Hooks and Did a Reference for a Young lady out of the UK called ‘Princess Freesha’ it ended up a Chorus and Bridge on a Record Called ‘Levels’ on an Album called ‘The Resurrection’ by Now, Relly the Emcee.. We Continued to Work together, and by 2016, I had Penned a Chorus and Bridge that Raheem DeVaughan performed on a Song Called ‘Til The Break’ and a Hook on a Record with Jadakiss called ‘The Bounty’ both on a Project called ‘Rellavence’ Released in late 2020… Shortly after that, Jadakiss and Dipset Not only Sold Out MSG, But Jada Shut it Down Live in Front of the World… That Made Me Nervous, and By December 2021, I Was Committed To going back in, but this time on a solo Mission.. a New Year sale happened in December 2021, and I Purchased Beats, Put Pen to Paper in January 2022, and 8/29/23 Released Half a Hunnit on All Platforms. 



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