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Hip-Hop Legend The D.O.C Is Using AI Technology To Release New Music

The iconic MC, The D.O.C., recently shared his transformative experience after a life-changing car accident during an appearance on CBS Mornings. During the interview, he discussed the exciting prospect of creating new music with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Intriguingly, it was Fab 5 Freddy who proposed the idea of developing an album using AI technology. “Fab 5 Freddy asked me if I would be interested in creating an album using AI technology,” The D.O.C. revealed.

Fab 5 Freddy, a renowned figure in Hip-Hop and former host of Yo! MTV Raps, expressed his belief that the combination of AI and The D.O.C. is a perfect match. “I just felt like it was a no-brainer for somebody like him to have an opportunity to bring new music to the world,” he shared.

To bring this innovative concept to life, Freddy connected The D.O.C. with Mikey Scholman, the CEO of the AI company Sunno. Scholman explained that their firm is “teaching the machine what D.O.C. used to sound like.” The D.O.C. acknowledged the convincing nature of Sunno’s work, stating, “When this thing happens, it sounds like a real me,” especially when his new vocals are seamlessly matched with his voice from previous recordings.

Despite acknowledging potential ethical concerns, Scholman emphasized the significance of this collaboration, describing it as a “slam dunk.” He believes that allowing The D.O.C. to recreate the voice that has been in his head for the past 35 years is an ideal use of this technology. “I can’t think of a better usage of this technology than that,” Scholman concluded.

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