The jeweler who made Nicki Minaj’s wedding ring design told TMZ that Kenny Petty paid for the ring on his own, and noted that the ring, which has a 17-carat center with WS2-clarity diamonds, is worth an estimated $1.1 million. Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy & Merchandising for Brilliant Earth tells ET that the band featured in Rafaello and Co.’s Instagram post is worth an estimated $50,000 to $65,000.

“The dazzling ring features five rows of over 100 oval diamonds, weighing an estimated 15 total carats, set in a white gold or platinum eternity band,” Money says.

In a selfie video posted to her Instagram, both Minaj and Petty further addressed those wondering if she bought her own wedding ring.

“A small word from Jennifer Tilley as #TheBrideOfChucky ? Heavy on the Sleeze ? ????? ?,” she captioned the post.

Staying in character as the Bride of Chucky, Minaj asks Chucky, aka Petty, “Everybody said that you secured the bag, you married a multi-millionaire and you secured the bag.

“You know I just cut somebody’s mother f**king finger off for that ring,” 41-year-old Petty, as Chucky, responds in character. “You mean, I didn’t buy this ring?” Minaj asks.

“No, you didn’t buy that ring!” he replies.

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