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The Snowfall Ending Had To Be Unexpected

Did Snowfall end how you wanted it to? After 6 seasons, Snowfall said their goodbyes but did so in a way not many fans expected. Much like The Wire or even Power before it, many expected either a fairytale ending or one with more death. But the writers had one final trick up their sleeves which also sent fans into a frenzy.

The lead character, Franklin Saint did not meet his demise at the hands of death or jail, but he was given a life sentence to reside in the chaos he destroyed–his community. But along the way, many of the other characters met fates that some agreed with and others frowned upon. 

Aunt Louie, who was viewed as the villain in Season 6, was left to be on the run with the CIA still on her tracks after getting word from Franklin that they were about to raid her house. Last we saw, she was somewhere in another county looking after horses.

Oso was in Mexico training kids in wrestling and after 2 years, received a call from Xiamara that she and the kids were finally set up in North Carolina. Wanda and Leon made it back from Ghana and are now looking to bring change into their community. As for older characters like Peaches, Franklin finally caught up with him and dealt with his betrayal by putting him out of his misery.

Cissy Saint is doing life in prison for killing Teddy the CIA agent who murdered her husband. But the one character that didn’t show up in the final episode was Skully. What happened to him over the years? All in all, the ending to Snowfall was done perfectly. While fans are mad over some of the ending scenes, they must remember that, that type of life does not always end with rainbows and roses.

When asked about the ending, showrunner, Dave Andron had this to say regarding why he decided not to kill Franklin off or send him to jail as many expected.

Over the years, we had talked about versions of Franklin’s end. Part of it was maybe staying away from the expected thing of he’s dead or in jail. I kind of think if Franklin had stayed in the game, he probably would have ended up that way. But we saw he was really trying to make it work as a legitimate businessman. And then you start thinking about, “What is an end that’s befitting for a tragedy where a guy has destroyed his own neighborhood?” And you think, “Well, him being kind of condemned to live in a place that he has destroyed, the dramatic irony of that seems right.

Killing Franklin would have been too easy and too predictable. But seeing him turn into his father, was a jaw-dropper for everyone. Think back to Tommy killing Angela on Power or Avon giving up Stringer on The Wire. They were all hard scenes to digest but it was in the best interest of the show. 

With news of a spinoff and Franklin Saint not dead, there is still a chance he could return and redeem himself. 



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