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“This Is New York Remix” Should Have Featured Scar Lip, Cardi B, and Remy Ma

The streets are buzzing. NYC has its new unofficial anthem in “This is New York” by Bronx MC, Scar Lip. At this point, it doesn’t even matter how many streams the song has or if it’s even buzzing outside of NYC. This will without a doubt be the song of the summer and can only get bigger with the right remix. 

There is no denying that NYC Hip-Hop has come on strong in the last few years but no one saw this one coming.“This is New York” is a throwback to the 90s when the grimey sound was buzzing. Think back to when 50 Cent first hit the scene. Or when DMX made his debut. Scar Lip is the blessing that NYC Hip-Hop didn’t know it needed. But what’s next?

Yes, a full album is on the way but first things first, we need that remix. With Scar Lip going on record as stating she would love to have fellow Bronx MC, Cardi B on the track, there is another female MC who should be added to that list–Remy Ma. Why Remy, you ask? It’s simple, let’s make this an all-Bronx thing.

I’m biased. I live in the Bronx but who else besides Remy and Cardi can add that flava to this track? With all due respect to Nicki and what she has meant for females in Hip-Hop, she doesn’t have that vibe that Scar Lip needs for this track. These three women bring a different element to the game that will fit so well together on a track.

This is New York fuck I look like telling a nigga good morning
Fuck I look like being nice sweet charming and warming
Get the fuck out New York you ain’t welcome anymore
Get the fuck out New York we ain’t feeling you no more
Back the fuck up move the fuck back
Back the fuck up move the fuck back
Back the fuck up move the fuck back
Back the fuck up move the fuck back
Bitch move
Can’t you see the baddies coming through
Bitch vroom
Can’t u hear the baddies coming through

With news that Busta Rhymes is already signed up for the remix, it does take away the power that an all-Bronx-led female feature would have. We know that Cardi is busy and Remy has her own things going on, but to let this moment pass would be one that everyone involved or not involved could possibly regret in the future. 

As the temperature begins to rise in NYC, there is always a need for a summer banger. “This is New York” is that banger. There are not many songs that as soon as you listen to, you’re wondering about the remix. Everything about this song screams hit. Scar Lip is a gust of fresh air, not only for culture but for those certain types of females who represent. In an era where sex is king, Scar Lip brought back the gritty essence of being an MC (male or female).

The song in general has nothing to do with men, so to see one on the remix sort of takes away from the original meaning. “This is New York” is an anthem for the around-the-way girls that LL Cool J was talking about. This is a song for the ladies who stand in front of the Bogdega with their brothers and who cop Chopped Cheese and drink Arizona’s. The same ladies who don’t Uber to the club, they still hop the turnstile and ride the #2,#5, #4, #1, #3, or #6 Trains with their girls to vibe out.

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