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Troy Ave Makes a Powerful Statement with “Free Troy Ave”

From behind bars, Troy Ave steps back into the spotlight with a new video titled “Free Troy Ave,” and it’s a powerful statement about his life and current predicament.

Troy Ave’s legal troubles are well documented, stemming from a 2016 incident at Irving Plaza that resulted in the loss of his friend and Troy himself a victim of a shooting. This new release marks his latest effort to utilize music as a tool for advocacy and to distribute his central messages of self-reliance, family, and honor. Given the current situation, “Free Troy Ave” isn’t laden with the usual bells and whistles of a typical video from Dope Boy Troy. Instead, it opts for a stark aesthetic – black and white visuals featuring Troy rapping from a confined prison cell.

Lyrically, Troy Ave pulls no punches. He delves into the emotional toll of incarceration, the yearning for family connections (“Sitting in the Beast’s belly calling my kids on a celly”), and the ever-present belief (reality?) that he’s the victim of injustice (“Your real cries over all the lies”).

This isn’t just a lament, though. Troy showcases his trademark Brooklyn grit, aiming for industry practices that capitalize on negativity while he remains confined. He reminds listeners of his independent success, highlighting his entrepreneurial ventures like building a music festival – all before his current legal issues arose. This juxtaposition emphasizes his unwavering hustle (‘God Is Great, Paper Is Straight’), even in the face of adversity.

“Free Troy Ave” is a raw and unfiltered message, a plea for freedom and perseverance interwoven with potent bars. At the end of the video, we hear directly from Troy, seen in a prison booth communicating to listeners the vital message: jail is not the place to be.



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