Troy Ave Throws A Diss Record At Joe Budden

Troy Ave goes at Joe Budden on his new album “Nupac” on the song “Press Spray”. Ave calls Joe Budden everything from a podcaster to a woman beater. This track samples the classic 2Pac track “No More Pain” from 2Pac’s double disco album “All Eyez On Me”. This track was originally produced by DeVante Swing from Jodeci and was honestly one of the hardest 2Pac instrumentals on that classic album. So it makes sense why Troy Ave choose this track to sample for his diss record. 

Troy Ave raps “You a drug addict and a bitch-beater/Rap podcaster and a dick-eater,” while also claiming that he and Drake had sexual relations with Joe Budden’s girl. All the while calling Joe Budden’s tracks wack.

This beef seem to have come out of nowhere and it will be interesting to see where it actually goes from here. Just a few days ago Ave threw some shots at Casanova for poking fun at Troy Ave’s Breakfast Club interview. Hopefully they will keep everything on wax.  


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