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Watch Vince Staples’ ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert’ Performance

Fresh off the release of his new self-titled album, Vince Staples linked up with NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series to perform a few of his latest hits. 

Alongside a few of his frequent collaborators, including Kenny Beats, who handled the bulk of the production of the album, Staples coasts through four tracks from his latest full-length offering: “LAW OF AVERAGES,” “SUNDOWN TOWN,” “THE SHINING,” and “TAKE ME HOME,” with rising singer Fousheé joining him on the last song.

The performance arrives just two weeks after the release of his fourth studio album, Vince Staples. The 10-track project is entirely produced by longtime collaborator Kenny Beats, who Staples described to Apple Music’s Zach Lowe earlier this month as “somebody who still learns every day.”

“Kenny’s amazing. He still takes from experiences and other things he hears in music and tries to figure out how to make them into his own,” Staples said. 

Elsewhere in his interview with Lowe, Staples spoke about his decision to title his new album after himself. 

“I was just having a lot of conversations with a lot of people around me, other musicians, a lot of artists, a lot of friends, and people always say, ‘Oh, you used to always say these stories and this and that, and I don’t notice much about these specific things. Why don’t you put it into the music?’” Staples explained. “And it’ll be stuff that has been in songs for years. And then I realize it’s just not the appropriate… the backdrop wasn’t right for certain things I was saying or vice versa. So I feel like this is kind of very descript and distinct on kind of where… not just where I come from, it’s not a bunch of glory stories or things like that, I guess it’s just more personal.”



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