Will Smith Has A 60 Foot Mural Dedicated To Him In West Philly

Located at 4545 Girard Ave. across from the Global Leadership Academy Charter School, artist Richard Wilson’s 60-foot mural of Will Smith is Philly’s latest large scale dedication to one of the city’s most famous figures. The mural was finished May of 2018, it is also the first Philly mural to be dedicated entirely to Smith.

Will was touched by the project, and says in his video commemorating the mural that as a kid growing up in West Philly, he was inspired by a mural of Sixers great and NBA legend Julius Erving. In the video Will’s mother, Carolyn calls the mural “perfect” and personally thanks the artist.

“The idea that there would be a mural of me on the side of a school in West Philadelphia just wrecked me,” Smith said. “To see my mother’s face when she looked at the mural, that was profoundly moving for me.”

Congrats Will, Here’s the video and mural below.

Tooooo many amazing things about this, I have to try and find a way to write it all down… its ALOT ☺️?❤️I mean, thats Will Smith, its very surreal to hear him say a name and then think oh! He’s talking about me lol!!! Please check the full video, link in my bio. Props every time to @kehindewiley for being a massive inspiration to me, for how contemporary portraits should be done, and for giving me the context of how to try and portray @willsmith as a Leader and Role Model for future generations in how to do this thing called life! To know that Will was moved by a mural when he was coming up, and it gave him fire to want to elevate is incredible, that’s EXACTLY the hopes i have when painting something like this, that it might even reach 1 person in that way ? I’m so thankful he sent his team to capture this, I’ve never had a wall I painted filmed before so its beyond special for me. Im overwhelmed with the comments about it, its alot to take in ☺️ I’m going to try and use it as motivation to paint walls until i drop ?❤️#spraypaint #willsmith

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