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Ye (Kanye West) Makes Waves on Justin LaBoy’s “The Download” with Controversial Remarks

Ye sparked a firestorm of media attention following his appearance on the inaugural episode of Justin LaBoy’s podcast, “The Download.” True to his unconventional style, Ye offered a series of provocative statements that have ignited debate and commentary.

The interview featured several remarks that raised eyebrows. Ye labeled TikTok personality Kai Cenat an “industry plant” for criticizing the sizing of Yeezy apparel. However, this was merely the first in a series of controversial pronouncements. West went on to declare singer Chris Brown a “deity,” downplayed the negative impact of homophobic humor, and even named former First Lady Michelle Obama as his choice for a hypothetical threesome.

While not previously considered rivals, Ye’s animosity towards J. Cole became clear during the interview. When LaBoy mentioned J. Cole’s recent apology to Kendrick Lamar, Ye interjected with a vulgar dismissal. Considering West’s ongoing feud with Drake, with whom J. Cole recently toured, the motivation behind Ye’s remarks seems evident.

However, Ye’s comments suggest a deeper resentment dating back to 2016. Specifically, he referenced J. Cole’s song “False Prophets,” widely believed to be a critique of West’s mental health struggles. Ye’s barbs included dismissive statements towards Cole, culminating in the declaration, “I don’t even listen to J. Cole.”

The man formerly known as Kanye West also used the platform to express his admiration for rising stars in the rap industry. When questioned by LaBoy about his current favorite rappers, Ye acknowledged the evolving nature of his preferences. However, he singled out 21 Savage and Kodak Black as artists he currently enjoys. He additionally mentioned rising star Young Moose and spoke highly of Playboi Carti’s career trajectory.

Scattered throughout the interview were indications of West’s continued disdain for Drake. He expressed a feeling of being “energized” to surpass Drake, but indicated a deeper motivation. “I’m tired of this individual meddling with me,” West stated. He went on to suggest a broader strategy, aiming to dismantle any perceived power Drake may hold in the industry.

A significant moment on the show was the debut of the “Like That Remix.” The track opens with a fiery declaration from West, announcing his support for Kendrick Lamar in their ongoing rap feud with Drake. Ye proclaims his alliance with Lamar, stating, “We had to get The Hooligans up here / We gone take this pssy ngga out / Yo, Dot, I got you.” With fans eagerly awaiting Kendrick’s response to Drake’s disses, West has inserted himself into the ongoing conflict.

Perhaps the most anticipated revelation from West was the release date for “Vultures 2.” Following the critical and commercial success of “Vultures 1,” fans had been clamoring for news of a sequel. West finally delivered, announcing a May 3rd release date for the highly anticipated album.



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