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Jeezy Says He Didn’t Know He Was Suffering From Depression For Over A Decade

Image Source - Instagram

Jeezy has revealed that he previously suffered from depression and didn’t even realize it as his mental disorder went undiagnosed for nearly a decade.

Jeezy goes to the Tamron Hall Show on Monday (October 16) to promote his Adversity For Sale memoir, and opened up about his mental health struggles.

“I learned that vulnerability is power,” he said. “I thought something was wrong with me, thinking I come from poverty, this is just how it is. I didn’t understand trauma and all these different things so when I started to get the words for it, I started to understand and grab tools, [and] I started to become better.

“I started my journey and that’s why I’m expressing it and putting it in the book because I didn’t know I was depressed for like eight years of my life straight.”

Jeezy continued to explain that he felt “numb” at times due to losing so many people close to him.

“You wake up and you just want to go back to sleep forever, you know?” he added. “And I was leaning into my vices. And that’s what street life does to you. You know what I’m saying? When you lose 200, 300, 400 people like gone forever, you just get numb.

“And I wasn’t able to get in touch with my emotions and I was wondering why. Thank God for my kids, but there was a time I was just cold. That’s when I was Young Jeezy.”

Checkout the interview below:



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