In Part 3 of Lil Wayne’s “Bumbu Room” interview series, Wayne admitted he doesn’t listen to any Hip Hop outside of his own material and past collaborator Tech N9ne.

“I listen to music that’s not Hip Hop all the time because I don’t listen to no other Hip Hop than my damn self,” the veteran rapper said before listing artists he does enjoy. “Anita Baker, you got Keith Sweat, you got Marvin Gaye, you got Bob Marley. You got Tech N9ne, if you wanna call that Hip Hop then. You got Judas Priest. You got Lamb of God. Nirvana, Blink-182. Name it, you got it from me.”

Wayne then clarified himself a bit, noting how he wasn’t speaking negatively about the current generation of Hip Hop artists. But to him, it’s different and doesn’t require his focused attention.

“The new Hip Hop that crosses my ears is lovely, awesome,” he stated. “All the names of music I just told you I listen to — like it’s impossible for me not to love every type of music. The new Hip Hop, I love it. I love that it’s actually changed. Back in the G, you had to spit your heart out. Now, it’s changed. It’s just make something that it’s cool to hear. We don’t have to listen to it. Listening is different than hearing. When we hear, we like it. It’s all good. It makes it easier for me.”

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