Nicki Minaj Responds 2 Remy Ma On The Track “No Frauds” That Features Drake & Lil Wayne

The wait is over. Nicki Minaj has responded to Remy Ma’s lethal diss record “shETHER” on a record called “No Frauds”. But it’s clear that this response doesn’t pack the same power punch that “shETHER” does. “shETHER” was a 7 minute long record of an emcee doing what she thought it would take to successfully win a rap battle. Nicki brings along Drake and Lil Wayne for the ride on this record and it sounds like Drake got his shots in at Meek Mill and Safaree with the line “Why do niggas that are not involved love to get involved?
Why do niggas claim the streets and act just like the law?

But back to the matter at hand Nicki finally broke her silence and was up and ready to release three songs tonight. Not sure if this record will have the meme circuit of social media going crazy like Remy’s offering did but we’ll just have to see. Maybe Nicki has even more tricks up her sleeve. What do you guys think?


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