Shorty Bralik has been blessing us with BARS for some time now. In 2019 he’s on his grind and getting us even more material. Reppin Norfolk, VA Shorty makes sure that he keeps BARS first and tells his story when it comes to his music. 

We got a chance to sit down with Shorty and chop it up about some Hip-Hop and what he has on deck for the listener. Check it out. 

A2HH: In your Live In the Garden flow, you talked about suicide attempts and being taunted by the devil. What fuels your determination to live today?
Shorty: A lot of that pain come from my past but what keep me pushing is my six babies.

A2HH: You’re from Norfolk, VA. What type of influence, if any, does your city have on your music?

Shorty: My city is a reflection of my music kuz. I’m giving the people what I went thru in my city. It can get real slimy out here, word.

A2HH: In the age of being “woke” or consciously aware of what’s happening around you, how do you feel about Hip-Hop artists being challenged to record more positive records?

Shorty: I mean to each his own… I feel it’s all on how one take the music in. But for those with the reach they should relate to related situations that’s out here in the world and address the shit. They already on [i.e. famous and/or rich] and don’t have shit else to talk about besides money.



A2HH: You’re a proud father. Do you allow your children to listen to your music? Why? Why not?

Shorty: Well I let me kids listen to sum of my music. But I’m pretty straight forward with my reflections.


A2HH: You’re an independent artist who is using technology to earn money from your music.What advice can you offer other independent artists who don’t know how to make money from their music?‎

Shorty: Invest in yourself… Never stop working on what you love to do that’s how you get better results. Just stick to the goal. Don’t give up.


A2HH: Hip-Hop artists are getting older and are still making hit records. What are your thoughts about this? Do you believe at some point the torch should be passed down? Or do you believe artists should rock out until the fans stop supporting them?

Shorty: I feel like it’s money out here for everybody! Nothing else should really matter.


A2HH: Technology has emboldened “internet thugs.” How do you feel about online critics who diss you and/or your music?

Shorty: I mean at this point in my road to goals I address everything accordingly!


A2HH: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who are your Top 3 picks?

Shorty: Jay-Z , M.O.P. , Busta Rhymes



A2HH: If you could collaborate with any producer in the world, who are your Top 3 picks?

Shorty: Pharrell Williams, Havoc, Just Blaze

A2HH: Tell us about your current and/or upcoming projects and where our fans can find you and your music.

Shorty: I just released an EP called Armor Trukk Dreams that was released 4/20/2019. [It’s] now out on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and all other social platforms.


Live in the Jungle feat Shorty Bralik

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