3 Billion Streams Earns Kanye’s “The Life Of Pablo” Platinum Status

The way music has been distributed has changed due to innovations in technology. Kanye has always been one of the artist that has continued to push the envelope musically but this time he has done it technologically as well. Kanye’s latest offering “The Life Of Pablo” has become the first stream only album in history to go platinum. Keep in mind that 1,500 streams is equal to 1 single unit. The math has confused many artist and even has Chance The Rapper contemplating actually selling his music. None the less history has been made and it has been proven that a stream only album can actually go platinum. Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” has been streamed over 3 billion times worldwide. The Life Of Pablo was also the first ever stream only album to top the Billboard 200 charts. So does this mean we don’t nee physical units anymore? When is the last time you actually went to the store and bought a CD? But seeing that 1,500 streams equals 1 single unit it seems as if music has been devalued. 

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